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How to choose a car cover?

How to choose a car cover?

While it might be intuitive to imagine at first, the truth is that there are several variables involved in the selection of this product. Understanding them is an essential step to provide your car with adequate protection.

We all want our car to be in top shape. We are happy to pay our hard-earned money for them, we find them an adequate place to be parked, we provide them with the best insurance we can afford, and we do our best to keep its maintenance tasks on schedule. Therefore, it is easy to understand that we should not neglect its protection during the times we are not effectively interacting with it.

All products suffer when left out in the open. Rain comes with chemical particles which can corrode the paint. Hail and snow may physically damage glasses and sheet metal. Other cars moving nearby, like in a parking lot, may cause scratches and dents. The very action of sunlight makes the paint lose its shine and color intensity, and so forth. Unfortunately, there are many possible problems with this.

Car covers are an excellent solution because they literally represent a physical barrier against those problems. However, they are definitely not all the same things. Since those issues are so different, it is impossible to solve them all with only one. This article is going to explain the variables involved in this matter and help you give your car the most adequate cover for its protection requirements.

What is my car’s body style?

Hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks… the automotive industry has many options to offer and each one offers a unique set of characteristics. The most noticeable of them is the external shape: sedans have a protruding rear end, estates are longer than hatchbacks, SUVs are taller than most cars… The same applies for motorcycle models, since each category has its own distinctive shape.

This topic is straightforward: car covers offer adequate protection when they have a tight fit around the car. Automotive Prestige covers come in several size options to accommodate small differences, but you have to keep in mind your car’s body style because it causes large variations in the overall shape. In a way, this fit is just as important for the car as when we are trying clothes for ourselves.

Where is the car going to stay?

The requirements for outdoor covers are more severe: in short, it must block sunlight, resist water from rain and snow, use breathable material, and provide a fastening system to stay in place during windy times. Besides, it is important that their material is easy to clean, because all the agents that used to deteriorate the body paint are now going to continuously affect the car cover day after day.

When it comes to indoor covers, it is important to focus on other aspects: the fibers must cause no abrasion or static and use breathable materials. On the other hand, since the car is usually going to be more visible, the indoor cover is required to keep a perfect appearance. Washing requirements tend to be more complex in order to preserve their color tone and texture for as long as possible.

Is there a special purpose?

The variables above are only the utilitarian ones. Depending on where your car is going to stay, you may need a bespoke cover, made exclusively for your model and with unique graphics instead of a single color. In case you are hosting an event where there will be a car reveal, the adequate cover is entirely different from those others because the priority will be making it quick and easy to remove.

Last, but not least, it is possible that you want to protect only a specific component of the car, such as the steering wheel or the seats. Not only would those be indoor covers, they would also feature bespoke dimensions because internal components have high variability in this regard. The only way to protect them is to, once again, understand their requirements and provide the adequate cover.

Automotive Prestige is fully prepared to offer all the assistance you need. We have a wide range of covers for cars, motorcycles, and internal components, and they are all made with nothing but the best materials available in the market. Feel free to contact us: we will help you go through all that procedure in order to finally find the best automotive cover to meet your vehicle’s requirements.

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