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3 best things to know when selecting a car cover dimensions.

3 best things to know when selecting a car cover dimensions.

Car Covers Are All About Dimensions

We all know how important automotive covers are, whether for cars or for motorcycles. Now, it is time to learn how you can select the perfect one.

Every product has a set of conditions which is the most favourable for its use. Phones require you to be in a region with good reception; clothes only make you comfortable when you wear them in the appropriate weather; wine tastes better when paired to specific types of food, and so on. The “one size fits all” policy is definitely not applicable when you are seeking products of the highest quality.

The previous article published on our website gives you an overview of the variables involved when you decide to get a car cover. Now, the next step consists of understanding the importance of those variables at the moment you define the details of your purchase. Our online configurator offers you several options because they are the information we need so as to provide a high-quality product.

By understanding why those options are important, you will be able to properly specify them the next time you purchase a car cover. This way, your product will surely be able to protect your car or motorcycle the way you want. The paragraphs below should help you, but feel free to contact us by email and/or telephone in case you need: we will be pleased to provide you with additional advice.

1- Automotive Covers Depend on Length

When we buy clothes or shoes, we never simply take the desired products in any random size. We know our usual size for each article and still try them on before buying. We do all that because we want them to fit in a way that pleases us and, depending on the article, because it would be simply ineffective otherwise. This way of thought is just as important when we are choosing a car cover.

If the cover fits too tightly around the vehicle, the fabric is going to be subject to excessive tension regardless of its quality. It may rip more easily, with everyday impacts that would never cause such an effect in normal conditions, and it could also rip on its own when you are merely extending it to cover the automobile. Both situations represent risks to its durability which you can easily prevent.

Choosing a very loose cover is only recommendable in one situation: reveal events. In those cases, the cover is designed merely to hide the vehicle creating anticipation and must be easy to remove at the right time of the event. Purchasing a loose cover for regular, protection-oriented use would only imply a higher final cost, because of its additional extension, without making it more effective.

2- Automotive Covers Depend on Purpose

An indoor cover is primarily focused on appearance. Most of the vehicle’s protection comes from being in a closed room, so the cover per se will deal with everyday risks such as accidental light impacts of objects or liquid spillage. Depending on where the vehicle is stored, aesthetic appearance is a top requirement for the cover, so it must have high-quality fabric with smooth texture and vivid colours.

Outdoor covers, in turn, are the vehicle’s only source of protection. They must block sunlight, resist rain and snow without letting water in, and prevent dust from making the vehicle dirty. As a result, they must use more resistant materials. Besides that, the fact that they are continuously exposed to external issues makes it more relevant for them to be easy to wash than to have great appearance.

Now, if you need to customise your cover, we can help as well. All Premium covers that we offer can be specified with an external image printed on the bonnet in different sizes, on the side or any other combinations that you require. In case that is not enough, we can always proceed to a bespoke order: we will manufacture a cover for your specific car model and give it the exact graphic appearance you want. All you have to do is give us exact requirements.

3- How Can I Put That to Practice?

First of all, you have to determine whether you need an indoor or outdoor cover: a rule of thumb is identifying where you leave your vehicle the most often. Another important point is to our premium covers based on your car body conformation: hatchback, sedan, SUV etc. in case of motorbike the options are  racer, scooter or touring.

Once you have finished those steps, you can proceed to measuring your vehicle’s length: that is the most important criterion we need to properly produce your automotive cover. If you are unable to measure it, you can always search it on the Internet. The distance we need is also called “external length”, that is, the dimension of the vehicle in its longitudinal direction. It is often the largest one.

Finally, it is time to think of the visual appearance of your cover. Would you like to send your logo for us to print on it? Or would you rather request a whole design layout to make it unique? If you want further customisation in any of those ways, feel free to request it from us and make sure to prepare high-quality images for us. This way, they will look just as good as you want in a large size.

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